But working together, they’ll realize they need one another’s skills and perspectives

But working together, they’ll realize they need one another’s skills and perspectives

But working together, they’ll realize they need <a href="https://besthookupwebsites.org/down-dating-review/"><img decoding="async" src="https://i.ytimg.com/vi/LjTY-S6YsSQ/maxresdefault.jpg" alt=""></a> one another’s skills and perspectives

Polar opposites: Cancer, the cardinal water sign and ruler of the Fourth House of Home Life, opposes Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign and ruler of the Tenth House of Career and Public Image. Ruled by the intuitive, heartfelt moon, emotional Cancer can’t help but nurture others, prioritizing family, their domestic sanctuary, and a sense of inner security. On the flipside, Cap, ruled by industrious taskmaster Saturn and symbolized by the Sea Goat, is determined to climb their way up their own personal mountain to achieve recognition, rewards, and respect. This isn’t to say they’re not also family-oriented, as old-school Saturn offers a love of tradition, but they’re first and foremost driven to cultivate an applause-worthy professional rep.

Perfect pair: While we, as a society, tend to pit home life against work life, the fact is that you’re likely to function best and be most successful in both areas when there’s symbiosis. Cancer and Cap are a clear example of how those two seemingly opposing energies not only can but must work together. Cancer shows Capricorn how to celebrate the joys of home, simply bonding with loved ones, and caring for your emotional core, while Capricorn teaches Cancer the pleasures of being recognized professionally and how to use a pragmatic, steady approach to get concrete results. Ultimately, these two have more in common than meets the eye, as they share a mutual desire to build something that’s lasting and fulfilling.

Leo and Aquarius

Polar opposites: Leo, the fixed fire sign and ruler of the Fifth House of Romance and Self-Expression, sits across from Aquarius, the fixed air sign and ruler of the Eleventh House of Networking and Long-Term Wishes. Ruled by the buoyant sun, self-assured Leo wants to be in the spotlight, have fun, dance, own and use their fierce roar, flirt, fall madly in love, have lots of fireworks-inducing sex… basically be an ’80s pop star. But future-minded, team player Aquarius, whose modern ruler is rebellious Uranus and whose traditional ruler was taskmaster Saturn, is an intellectual idealist focused on what’s best for the collective versus the self. Free-spirited, rational, and eager to strike out against convention, they’re most likely to step into the limelight when they’re marching for a social cause alongside friends or colleagues.

Perfect pair: Leo’s focus on self and tendency to be loud and proud will 100 percent clash with Aquarius’ cool, stoic front and devotion to community. In fact, as two fixed (aka stubborn) signs who believe their way is the best way, they’re a lot more alike than they might initially guess. Leo can teach Aquarius how to promote and brand themselves for the sake of their humanitarian campaigns, while Aquarius can help Leo see outside of their glitzy, glimmering bubble and use their roar for purposes that benefit communal causes that are close to their hearts.

Virgo and Pisces

Polar opposites: Virgo, the mutable earth sign and ruler of the Sixth House of Health and Daily Routine, opposes Pisces, the mutable water sign and ruler of the Twelfth House of Spirituality. Ruled by researcher Mercury, practical, analytical Virgo is all about facts, figures, lists, spreadsheets, and details that come complete with footnotes. And they’re downright gleeful when they can use their info-gathering skills to be of service to their nearest and dearest or colleagues. The Fish, by comparison, is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams that tends to cloud rational thought. Deeply feeling and slightly psychic, they’re wired to let their emotions, intuition, and imagination take the reins over logic.

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