It still have high flowing fins, thus it is far from recommended

It still have high flowing fins, thus it is far from recommended

It still have high flowing fins, thus it is far from recommended

Simply understand, most of the bettas and you will container friends normally operate in a different way

All of the betta seafood are very different even if. When the your is really competitive featuring its reflection and you may restaurants etcetera i quickly would not exposure they. I can not actually choose to check it for your requirements, but Really don’t suggest it when there will be almost every other appropriate container mate solutions. Including, guppies love to enter universities feeling very safe which would want one enjoys a giant tank.

Hello. I am convinced to get a male Betta having my community container, higher article you got right here, although not, I’ve not viewed information regarding Talk about otherwise ghost catfish otherwise Siamese eater flying fox. I’ve you to also tetras, kuhlis, catfish and you may corys. My personal tanks is a 4 ft however, because of moving place I’ve lost many fishes and you can was thought to obtain a beneficial Betta. What exactly is their information? I also has actually one or two blue rams. Thanks

It sounds as if you has a big sufficient tank, very based on how of many population and when all that checks away, just be okay for the Siamese Alga Eater, and catfish because they are one another docile and you will bottom dwellers. The latest Discus plus the blue rams are definitely the just issue I’d keep an eye on (and you will would not recommend), in addition to betta’s temperament – at the very least within the first couple of days. Blue rams must be relocated because they are bright and certainly will end up being aggressive too. Be sure to features a great amount of covering up metropolises (plants, decor) and you will display screen directly.

And so i possess good 10-gallon and you may I’m exploring bringing my personal koi females Betta certain tankmates preciselywhat are some pointers on her behalf that won’t fight with the lady or vice-versa whilst still being be easy to keep the fresh tank

My husband have a dual tail men Betta seafood and you will an asst md koi seafood with her in the same tank plus they go along best. The latest tank is actually a beneficial ten gallon. We would not discover something on the internet however male Bettas and koi seafood would not be along with her. This really is an experiment you to definitely male Betta jdate MOBIELE SITE fish get collectively along with other male seafood even so they consume within various other schedules. Make certain should you try these 2 fish that you put your Betta for the a tiny breading net when you look at the koi serving since the Betta seafood commonly eat-all of your dinner and also ill.


Exactly what an excellent web site! Thanks greatly towards advice. I became chastised getting remaining an excellent sorority recently immediately following requesting suggestions about dealing with fin rot. I’m grateful for the reliable information and told dialog on this web site!!

Hello, We have a tank for your fish, 2 & 1/2 gallons which have one men betta inside. Do anyone here thought just one ghost shrimp will be happy residing a container that proportions using my men betta once the a tank companion? Delight answer in the future you could. Thanks a lot.

Ghost shrimp is going to be stored in pairs off dos-cuatro or even more. dos.5-gallons is the needed minimum size for only good betta fish by the his or by herself. For this reason, no I suggest updating so you can a more impressive habitat for people who was attending present one tank friends.

Website provides a great deal of details about bettas. Am happy I came across they on the internet. Throughout the next We carried Casper out of the dogs store & got your house, the guy earned the best lives I can afford to give him. However, I cannot be able to up-date their tank to help you a bigger proportions so he’s going to have to unicamente once and for all to any extent further.

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