Luffy is the son of your Leading edge frontrunner Monkey D

Luffy is the son of your Leading edge frontrunner Monkey D

Luffy is the son of your Leading edge frontrunner Monkey D

Monkey D. Luffy, also known as ” Straw Hat Luffy” and aren’t because “Straw Hat”, [7] ‘s the main protagonist of your manga and you may anime, One-piece. They are the brand new founder and master of one’s even more infamous and you can effective Straw Hat Pirates, including one of their top competitors. [24] His lifelong fantasy should be to get to be the Pirate Queen from the interested in the fresh new epic appreciate left behind because of the later Gol D. Roger. [25] The guy believes you to being the Pirate Queen mode obtaining very liberty globally. [26]

Born in Foosha Community, Luffy eventually ate brand new Gomu Gomu no Mi during the ages 7, and this became their body on plastic. [27] The guy satisfied “Red-Haired” Shanks, who offered Luffy the very Straw Cap that has become Luffy’s trademark connection, having talented they for the kid as part of a vow so they are able see again as time goes on. Dragon, [28] the fresh grandson of Aquatic character Monkey D. Garp, [29] the brand new bound brother of your own late “Flame Fist” Portgas D. Ace and you can Vanguard Master-of-Group Sabo, and the foster son from Curly Dadan. He could be mostly of the members of the world whom carries the need away from D.

Luffy has gone facing numerous international efforts doing him, beginning with assaulting the absolute most strong pirates in the East Bluish and you will thinking of moving conflicts resistant to the Marines, 7 Warlords of your own Water, Cipher Pol, World Nobles, plus this new Four Emperors of the Huge Line, emerging victorious inside a majority of these battles. He occupied and you will ultimately was the cause of annihilation out-of Enies Lobby, fled the impregnable Impel Down, and you can try a beneficial focal contour on Meeting Combat regarding Marineford. He possibly defeated or befriended seven of the eleven identified prior or expose Warlords before the organizations dissolution, and has now occupied the latest region away from a couple Emperors. Luffy’s achievements and heritage features triggered him getting labeled as a great “Hazardous Future Feature” during the procedure putting on a reputation if you are “reckless” and you may, oftentimes, “insane”, making new wrath off Collection Admiral Sakazuki, the latest Marine Headquarters, and also the world Regulators. [30]


Luffy has a good penchant for drawing supporters and also reluctantly come called the best choice of your own Straw Cap Huge Fleet, including eight pirate teams exactly who swore to come quickly to their services while the guy wishes. Immediately after reading associated with the and his awesome exploits from the Large Mother Pirates, the fresh new push features branded your new “Fifth Emperor of your Ocean”, in the event many well-known data think of this overstated. [31]

With got an effective bounty out of 300,100000,one hundred thousand prior to the guy arrive at the brand new Sabaody Archipelago, Luffy are certainly eleven “Very Rookies”, pirates which likewise reached the newest Yellow Range with bounties of over one hundred,one hundred thousand,100000 shortly till the Conference Conflict. [32] He, additional ten Super Rookies, and you may Marshall D. Teach would proceed wapa-login to end up being also known as the fresh “Worst Age group”. [33] Ultimately, their conquests with his profile end contributing to their most recent bounty of just one,five-hundred,one hundred thousand,100000.


Luffy has actually black shaggy hair, round black sight, and you can a slim muscle generate. He is known to have his tradee “Straw Cap Luffy”), that has been lent so you’re able to him when he are more youthful because of the epic pirate head, “Red-Haired” Shanks, [34] exactly who therefore received they out of Gol D. Roger. [35] He wears short, bluish pants which have cuffs, shoes, and you will a sleeveless red-colored vest. Luffy has also a mark having a few stitches the underside his kept eyes, which he acquired by stabbing a blade significantly less than their eyes so you can show Shanks that he was hard and never scared of discomfort. [36] He had been honestly wounded of the Akainu on the Conference War of Marineford, [37] leaving a big X-molded mark towards their chest. [38]

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