Old Telenovelas that acquired the heart of any Ghanaian ;And just how the fresh new letters is faring today

Old Telenovelas that acquired the heart of any Ghanaian ;And just how the fresh new letters is faring today

Old Telenovelas that acquired the heart of any Ghanaian ;And just how the fresh new letters is faring today

Just before “Kumkum Bagya” and “Mahubala”, there are telenovela series that obtained one’s heart of any Ghanaian. Gone was indeed the occasions if the dated and younger utilized so you’re able to hurry with the tv when dark try starting to fall. Even our very own dads and you can mothers was in fact far more entranced (attracted) because of the telenovela series versus children. Truth be told there was previously “Rosalinda”, “2nd Opportunity” while some one to made the ladies particularly enter into gaga. Here are the a number of those passionate telenovelas:

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Ghanaian people did not pick-up its phone calls even when they were its parents calling because they did not must miss people world. They resided glued to their tv. As the saying goes”experience is the greatest teacher”, this is the initial telenovela collection I noticed, also it are Tv3 one to presented they. Tv3 during the time is new “boss” and checked as if it was truly the only Television station within the Ghana. “Rosalinda” was released on the initially out of March 1999 therefore nonetheless keeps this new record of being the costliest tv design in the Mexico. Inform us exactly how all of our favourite emails are faring now.

It escort reviews Fort Lauderdale FL image of Thalia Sodi Miranda (known as Rosalinda) was consumed 2006.The girl last series was “Rosalinda” and you can she actually is regarded as this new “queen of telenovelas” by the mass media Mexico. She starred in of many prominent telenovela series such as for example “Marious singer and you can a successful businesswoman.

Fernando Carrillo(Fernando in “Rosalinda”) who had been plus one of several letters provides most aged but still looks like he’s within his 20s . He’s a great Venezuelan and still serves in the place of Rosalinda.

You can’t discuss preferred telenovela collection into the Ghana excluding “next options”. Which show means a man just who returns from the lifeless to only discover more about exactly how worst this lady breathtaking widow are.

Mario Cimarrio (called Pedro Jose Donoso /Salvador Cerinza) is one of my favourite telenovela actors.They are a great Cuban star ; the guy starred in many collection such as for example “curse of the water”, in which he was the newest protagonist; and during the “Avoid being late”. He is nonetheless involved in the hollywood. He still appears good-looking.

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Violent storm over eden hit Ghanaians for example a storm when Viasat step one become showing it during 2009. I’d feel later to school because I didn’t want to overlook a scene.

Elias (called Nicholas regarding the series) is actually a mexican actor exactly who been his acting field inside 2000 which can be nonetheless active.

Mariana Seoane (called Maura Duran on series) are a mexican celebrity, design, artist and you can a songwriter. This lady has starred in of several Show such as for example “New inmate”, “Curse of the sea” and even more interesting ones.

Jose Luiz (known as David about show) is actually an actor and you will a model. The guy appeared in “fearless hearts” while others.

To date, this is actually the telenovela that pressed of several schools to close prior to the real closure time simply because off just how pleasant it had been. Which show generated experts to run using their workplaces to their various house if this was about to make the journey to step 3:00pm with the Indian show to start towards TV3 ; it also starred in the headlines you to definitely experts had been abondening the actively works to wade observe the brand new collection. Why don’t we find out how this new Indian emails, who sweetly influenced Ghanaian youngsters during the time to perform out-of school to stay glue on their tv, is faring now :

Wasna Ahmed (called Shree) try an Indian actress who starred in almost every other Program like “Phulwa”, “Palaandu vaazhga” etcetera.

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