T their few days I got double the fresh “18 Laws having Traditions” associated with this new Dalai Lama

T their few days I got double the fresh “18 Laws having Traditions” associated with this new Dalai Lama

T their few days I got double the fresh “18 Laws having Traditions” associated with this new Dalai Lama

Initially I acquired they via a beneficial Powerpoint demonstration connected in order to an email inquiring me to share it contained in this 96 days with lots of someone, saying immense work with I might receive because of the spreading they. The next go out We acquired they today via a publication out of a number one Buddhist organization, within the Losar Brand new Years’ greetings off a most terrific, form and smart teacher. Indeed there it was told you:

  1. Remember great like higher triumph include high exposure.
  2. Once you eradicate, usually do not eradicate brand new course.
  3. Follow the about three Rs: – Regard to own thinking – Esteem for other people – Obligation for all your procedures.
  4. Remember that not getting what you need can be a sensational heart attack away from luck.
  5. Find out the rules so that you understand how to split him or her safely.
  6. Don’t allow a little dispute injure a good relationship.
  7. When you see you have made a mistake, need instant actions to improve they.
  8. Spending some time alone each and every day.
  9. Open your own palms to change, but never let go of their beliefs.

Today, look closely on the those laws and regulations: is this the Dalai Lama conveys themselves? So is this his method the guy leaves anything or is it the new Dalai Lama’s brand of phrasing something? Really does the guy keeps an attitude otherwise a tendency to bring anything in such slogans? Carry out the guy extremely say: “Find out the rules which means you understand how to split her or him safely”? – men, exactly who constantly listing among the a great properties a person getting should cultivate notice-discipline?

I responded in order to one another persons, that i thought these 18 guidelines try a fake. Into Buddhist teacher We shown my second thoughts and additional specific good reason why I believe that isn’t from the Dalai Lama. After i delivered the email I featured on the internet in the event that these types of 18 rules is by the Dalai Lama, and, in fact he or she is a fake: Perhaps not once more! The Dalai Lama’s 18 Legislation to own Way of living: Other fake

Brand new contradiction your big date.

I’ve a whole lot more amount but less experience; far more studies however, quicker judgements; significantly more masters however, far more dilemmas; alot more pills, however, shorter healthiness.

We have been of up to the new moon and you may straight back, but i’ve troubles crossing the road to meet up with the newest neighbour.

You could potentially implement an equivalent studies: so is this how the Dalai Lama tends to make things? Carry out he state so it? We doubted that usually, and i constantly watched it a fake. In Italy, during the Istituto Lama Tsong Khapa, in which I examined they sell it despite a shop in order to people.

Why I was much more cautious during these issues is actually which i is actually fooled prior to now because of the a mantra you to received in my opinion from the inmates particular in years past on an excellent Video game one reported that “This is exactly a recording out-of His Holiness the fresh new Dalai Lama and you may his entourage chanting prayers from the sickbed out of their beloved buddy Vaclav Havel.” I noticed it naively to be true and you will released they on the The fresh Kadampa Survivors. Discover they here with the YouTube:

After a member of brand new Kadampa Survivor discussion board realized it is merely good Hindu Mantra known as Gayatri Mantra: Details of the brand new recording’s source can be found here:

This is a recording away from His Holiness the brand new Dalai Lama and their entourage chanting prayers from the sickbed away from his dear pal Vaclav Havel.

It absolutely was registered toward a power supply pushed give-stored tape recorder. His Holiness provided his permission so you can because of it are recreated and you will provided while the a non-industrial Free gift.

Exactly why do I think they issues to be careful within value?

Certain yeas back into the Germany, this new Dalai Lama was nastily assaulted by the an internet paper article to own their “naive sayings” however when We searched whatever they said the new Dalai Lama got told you, I found out, it was maybe not on the Dalai Lama however, an anonymous site full of such as for example sayings. So they assaulted your to be naive and you may dumb to possess things the guy never ever chat room indian over 40 said, & most some one believed which on the web papers post.

I do believe it is not a great creativity and i also wanna people are significantly more mindful. In the end they distorts the actual message regarding His Holiness the brand new Dalai Lama which is by far profounder than just of a lot of them shallow sayings one voice sweet but do not provides far out-of a substance. The fresh Dalai Lama has a new way of expressing themselves and you can just how he makes anything, which includes carefulness you can prevent to bequeath anything the new Dalai Lama never ever said. And i also desires to invite you additionally to be a great deal more careful. Thank you so much.

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