Up against every person’s criterion, Gouki wasn’t in a position away from placing a scratch into the Rio, and his awesome bundle were unsuccessful

Up against every person’s criterion, Gouki wasn’t in a position away from placing a scratch into the Rio, and his awesome bundle were unsuccessful

Up against every person’s criterion, Gouki wasn’t in a position away from placing a scratch into the Rio, and his <a href="https://datingranking.net/tr/wing-inceleme/">https://datingranking.net/tr/wing-inceleme/</a> awesome bundle were unsuccessful

Ayame’s dad would imagine to accept you to request if you are buying Ayame and you may Zen to flee out-of Yagumo together while he try while making plans getting successful the battle in the future if you are getting her or him go out together with charade.

Once when you look at the Beltrum’s financing it purchased a cheap home inside a great section relatively a great outside the palace structure and started to live truth be told there. When they were still adapting on their new belongings Lucius approached Zen and you will started to deal with adventurers’ desires that have your within the Ayame’s lay due to the fact she is actually handling Rio, whenever Rio was still a baby Lucius murdered Zen and then make they look like the guy screwed up practical.

Just after fleeing towards the Strahl part Zen and Ayame carry out take a trip off spot to put being employed as adventurers up to they finally compensated inside Beltrum’s money when she got pregnant that have Rio

Luckily getting Ayame Zen had already gained sufficient currency on her not to need functions to be able to pay for hers and you will Rio’s need throughout the his young people, Lucius still pretending particularly a close friend to your the girl, expanded additional aide within the next five years, then date appeared whenever Lucius ultimately presented their genuine shade and you may attacked and you will killed the girl when she resisted in front of the 5-year-old Rio.

Karasuki Homura [ ]

The current king of your Karasuki kingdom, Ayame’s father and you may Rio’s father, previously he understood Zen’s and you may Ayame’s ideas per other, and even though he wanted to let them wed he was not in a position to because nobles from other groups wouldn’t provides seen which have an excellent sight a great age and an enthusiastic upstart for example Zen, even with this lady article on the series checklist becoming reasonable, and you can Zen are greatest because hero of your own conflict throughout the whole kingdom. Following the ceasefire incident he bought Zen and you will Ayame to flee together with her while you are pretending to just accept new demand on Rokuren kingdom’s prince off flipping him or her more than, then for the big date he gained with his charade, produced the newest agreements for winning the war up against the Rokuren kingdom.

Homura’s arrangements been successful in change Zen and you can Ayame shed its invest the brand new Yagumo part due to the plan to own beating the Rokuren kingdom, something which provides constantly weighed in his mind’s eye until Rio informed him one his mothers had the ability of being happy along with her and that he never ever spotted something similar to regret otherwise sadness inside the Ayame’s face.

Immediately following reading from Rio’s arrangements off avenging their parents he was ready to accept stopping your if he believed that Rio did not have exactly what it is important for dropping you to highway. Deeming Rio sane and you can smart enough to perhaps not eliminate themselves to possess the fresh sake off avenging his moms and dads the guy made a decision to maybe not stop your and you can rather attempted lending a give.

He bought Gouki getting an effective mock fight with Rio, pregnant Rio to be defeated by him and you can a short while later persuading your from residing Gouki’s family once the their disciple and you can alive indeed there up to he attained adequate electricity for his mission, something which try designed to render your much more odds of conference having Rio with greater regularity and much more effortlessly.

In the future get togethers which have Rio, he considering your for taking which have your with the their trip Gouki, Kayoko, Komomo, and you can a team of 10 retainers having permitting together with his payback, but Rio rejected.

This woman is Zen’s more mature brother’s eldest daughter, whenever she was a child the lady mommy and you can little brother died away from deprivation shortly after an epidemic and you will a bad gather, at the time their father had been lifeless too, although bring about are never given, the most likely in a war somewhere.

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