Viole generally seems to see brand new stamina you to definitely Ha Jinsung offered your, even if it was not under the good factors

Viole generally seems to see brand new stamina you to definitely Ha Jinsung offered your, even if it was not under the good factors

Viole generally seems to see brand new stamina you to definitely Ha Jinsung offered your, even if it was not under the good factors

Once Viole’s short-term coma after the his confrontation having Rachel, Ha Jinsung attempts to remain Viole off the Hell Instruct, dreading for Viole’s defense is the guy confront one other Slayer Applicant reported to be on board. Immediately following Viole tends to make his interest obvious to acquire on the train, Ha Jinsung attempts to build your remain of the push, but is outwitted by the Khun’s package in which he begrudgingly welcomes his pupil’s choice.

Within the a great flashback, it has been revealed that Hwa Ryun shall be horrible/beneficial to Baam (restarting the newest deadly/studies stone golem) on account of her highest standard

To the Viole’s end out of anything, the guy seems to admiration Ha Jinsung a lot, getting in touch with your professor despite their try to get off FUG.

Whenever Viole reaches title Take a look Channel and you may acquisitions Kaiser’s identity, Ha Jinsung pays ten billion what to pick Kaiser’s name and you can states one 10 mil items aren’t anywhere near this much to possess helping his dearest scholar, Viole. The guy and additionally adds that he is not the one saving Kaiser, but FUG’s jesus, and that relates to Viole.

In the event the Hell Train gets to the final Station, and you may Zahard’s Military arrives to capture Regulars into the Hell Illustrate, Ha Jinsung stops Kallavan’s way of getting to the history route and you can even after Kallavan’s overwhelming stamina, the guy does not want to call it quits even after having their hands missing right after which stabbed by the Maschenny’s spear, even utilising the last out of their stamina to try to stop them. Kallavan teleports into last route and you may tells Viole one to Ha Jinsung should be inactive, and Viole is weighed down having sadness over their master’s apparent demise and you may begins assaulting Kallavan. Viole keeps on assaulting Kallavan, while it is clear you to definitely Kallavan try much too effective, though he turns out running away since the Karaka told him one to in the event the Viole will not try to escape however, rating grabbed, Ha Jinsung’s give up will end up into the nothing. Right now, Baam is seeking to cut his mentor away from Zahard’s Military.

Hwa Ryun: “Currently” a person in FUG. The sole communication they had partly I found myself within the Top Online game, when Hwa Ryun got concealed by herself as among the Regulars to possess an objective. When she tried to attack Rachel, Baam grabbed the newest assault in addition to shinsu to your appeared to lash aside on Hwa Ryun spontaneously. This new assault slashed this lady cover up in half and grievously wounded the lady eyes. She is after seen having an enthusiastic eyepatch for the remainder of this new collection, although it appears that she cannot wait against Baam. She after indicated that it actually was using the woman information one to FUG managed to manipulate Baam to your getting Viole. Regardless of if this lady discussion having him will make it unclear even when she facilitate him not as much as FUG’s commands, otherwise a want of her very own; with her answering when you look at the not clear style when questioned.

She actually is along with one of the first to refer to your because “my personal goodness”, though it is in an endearing ways rather than the reverence almost every other FUG players say they having

To some extent II each of them are very nearer, Hwa Ryun acts as Baam’s Book with the hope one Baam will grow sufficiently strong to a single big date eliminate Zahard. She have a tendency to manipulates individual members of Class Tangsooyook in a sense one to professionals Baam, like when FUG people took Viole trailing the woman back and she advised Khun from the exactly what got taken place to help you Viole very he’d look at the Workshop Competition. Hwa Ryun feedback Viole because the their Jesus as well as an excellent guy. It is unfamiliar if she mode he’s got adult just like the Part We to include his family members or if she is hitting into the your by calling your their boy. She also generally seems to think highly from Viole to the point of giving him the fresh new Thorn and permitting her or him earn brand new Contest. Viole generally seems to take care of the lady single muslim much, are upset when Reflejo means that he’s removed her hostage and you will beaten the woman.

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