We never ever liked the newest males I enjoyed and not liked the newest people I enjoyed

We never ever liked the newest males I enjoyed and not liked the newest people I enjoyed

We never ever liked the newest males I enjoyed and not liked the newest people I enjoyed

P8. Potluck: Ny, 1940, Radcliffe graduate., publisher most widely known on her publication into the Vietnam conflict, Flames about River, and that acquired good 1973 Pulitzer and you will National Publication Award. Hint: However, zero toilet paper. An effective. Carol Safeguards B. Geraldine Brooks C. Frances Fitzgerald D. Christopher Wren

P9. Quotes: NYC, 1891, comedian, actress, Baby Snooks, subject of Funny Girl. 1. 2. Men always fall for frigid women because they put on the best show. 3. Personal beauty is a greater recommend-dation than any letter of reference. A. Jean Adair B. Billie Bird C. Fanny Brice D. Emma Carus Hint: Boo Boos sister.

P10. Sci/Tech: Stockholm, 1883, chemist, armaments company, professional which have 350 patents; death of their sister Ludvig brought about numerous documents to mistakenly upload his personal obituary. The guy have got to see: The merchant from demise is dry. The guy did their better to build amends. Hint: Judy Collins Rhymney A local hookup. Robert Oppenheimer B. Alfred Nobel C. Anthony Fokker D. Samuel Colt

P11. Sports: Queens, 1928, southpaw acquired his first 9 games for 1950 Yankees; pitched sixteen ages in their eyes, President of one’s Board, 2.75 Era. step 1,956 SOs, W/L 236 -106, a good .690 profitable %, highest for pitchers which have 300 or maybe more Behavior; together with got ten Community Show gains. Hint: Didnt you need a head protection. A. Catfish Huntsman B. Allie Reynolds C. Ron Guidry D. Whitey Ford P12. Stage/Screen: Produced for the Minneapolis inside 1920, the guy starred in The Miss Brooks and that i Love Lucy, however, his actual speciality was in fact inside leading such as for example suggests because the Actual McCoys, The man of You.Letter.C.L.Elizabeth, Columbo, and you may M*A*S*H. The his voice i hear along side go camping PA program. Hint: Four Strong Winds words. A. Norman Lear B. Steven Bocho C. James Burrows D. Hy Averback P13. Additional Borrowing from the bank: Inside the 1964, My personal Reasonable Women premieres. Its primary who takes on the besotted Freddie. A great. Jeremy Brett B. Michael Caine C. Sean Connery D. Ian McKellan

P1. Art/Culture: Produced from inside the Springfield, MA, from inside the 1920, so it psychologist/public activist got high affect brand new subculture of your 1960s. Believing LSD got healing possible, he had themselves fired off Harvard. He promoted including stupid sentences as the: “Turn on, pay attention, drop-out.” Hint: Paul person. Good. Allen Ginsberg B. Tom Wolfe C. Timothy Leary D. Hunter S. Thompson

P2. Geo: Within the 1962, immediately after a talk with previous President Eisenhower, JFK announces reconnaissance planes made a frustrating advancement traveling over exactly what country? Hint: Hungary’s Ern. A good. Albania B. Czechoslovakia C. Cuba D. East Germany

P3. History: During the 1746, The school of the latest Jersey try chartered. It might end up being just what? Clue #1: F. Scott Fitzgerald said it absolutely was that it side of heaven. Idea #2: Forgotten step 1 st actually university recreations to help you Rutgers 4 – six. An effective. Fairleigh Dickinson B. Dartmouth C. Princeton D. Seton Hallway

Gay like

4. Lang: According to Homer, Aphrodite’s the child from Zeus Titaness Dione. Hesiod claims she flower about sea-foam after Cronus reduce away from Uranus’s bits tossed them to your water. Lord Alfred Douglas, created in 1870, a pal of Oscar Wilde’s, are a good Uranian poet. Their question? Hint: Wood packages? A great. Personal like B. Eroticism C.

Lesbian like D

P5. Lit: Iran, 1919; moved to Rhodesia during the 1925; authored books w/ a communist motif [[The favorable Violent), sci-fi [[Brand new Golden Notebook), and-by many noticed this lady top-tales out-of south Africa, such as the Turf Is actually Vocal and you can Martha Quest. Hint: Los cuales Demeure Demeure trademark tune for exactly who? A great. Nadine Gordimer B. Doris Lessing C. Helen Suzman D. Ellen Kuzwayo

P6. Music/Dance: Hungary, 1811, was born in Paris, becoming very first a beneficial virtuoso pianist traveling every one of Europe immediately after which a composer of such as performs just like the Hungarian Rhapsody #2. Really musicologists create record your from the ideal dozen 19 th Century composers. Hint: Uncarefully composed ballast. A good. Joseph Haydn B. Frederic Chopin C. Franz Schubert D. Franz Liszt

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