Whenever h2o predominates, issuing from its solitary cavity, it disseminates tranquility, like, generosity, patience, quietness, or other allied virtues

Whenever h2o predominates, issuing from its solitary cavity, it disseminates tranquility, like, generosity, patience, quietness, or other allied virtues

Whenever h2o predominates, issuing from its solitary cavity, it disseminates tranquility, like, generosity, patience, quietness, or other allied virtues

Among Karen and Burmese this new abdomen is stored become the chair of the interests and also the sickness, varying moods and you will real standards being associated with the clear presence of piece of cake (“k’ li”), flame (“me”), or liquid (“paw leh”). Brand new elders assert that ten hundred cavities about instinct consist of wind, twelve include flames, and something contains water. Whenever flame is in the ascendancy, one is incited so you’re able to envy, malice, hatred, and you may payback. Various qualities is intermingled inside one’s character in proportion to the latest mingling of your multiple aspects.[26-9]

The brand new pee of 1 sex is usually given due to the fact a great liniment to own people of opposite sex

Many appeal donned by both Karen as well as the Burmese developed to eliminate breeze off wearing the brand new ascendancy inside the fresh new instinct. Certainly one of for example appeal try strings regarding dried berries out of certain herbs, strings from gold coins that have been blown abreast of, and you will knotted cables that happen to be apply the brand new individual of the elders otherwise prophets.

Some thing is still around said concerning”k’ thi thras” otherwise “medicine-teachers,” which material medications away from certain roots and you will vegetation with which they practice a sort of scientific lore, as well as their occult rites. There is no doubt but that they understand the medicinal action off particular plants. They will often explain a specific tree towards remark that its departs are good for temperature or any other criticism. To my requst for the majority medications a great Karen doctor provided me with a hundred ones. Dr. Wade enjoys obtained over forty pages away from medical formulae of several kinds, included in this many of actual worth. Dr. Mason mentions title off a small sneaking bush (Hydrocotyle asiatica) and therefore, when the applied since a poultice over time, commonly stop, when it cannot eliminate, leprosy.[26-10] Exactly how many of those Karen medications was out of Burmese, Shan, or Talign origin I am unable to state. I have already been informed from time to time your Karen just who however remain in the primitive criteria, depend completely into secret and products to deal with illness. My personal observance leads me to accept that the utilization of treatments develops, while the individuals already been about into the contact with most other races.

The latest Karen accept that scents features reasonable impact on the human anatomy, both for an excellent as well as for ill. There is certainly hardly anything that a beneficial Karen otherwise, actually, a beneficial Burman concerns a whole lot when he does scent from cooking weight (“ta neu xo”). They believe the odor for some reason goes into the human body, particularly if there is an abrasion of your skin, and results in all kinds of difficulties, even abrupt passing. To get rid of touching so it smell, they usuall would any frying which can be required away-of-doorways, and keep the hands over its noses to save off the dread threat. For healing purposes smell-salts was common certainly one of one another Karens and Burmans, after they are available bazaar. Many of the drugs incorporate asafoetida or other pungent-smelling meals, that are thought to has an immediate influence on the newest paitent. Sour and you will acrid-sampling medication are into the high like.

The incidence of cinch over another factors provides pleasure, aspiration, greed, worst wishes, and you may hilarity

Other than such as for instance cures the latest Karen “medicine-teachers” turn to unpleasant concbur, your own hair and pussy away from certain pets, tigers’ and you may leopards’s whiskers, particular elements of people corpses, one’s body locks out of individuals, dung of all of the classes, the fresh scrapings throughout the charred ends away from bamboos found in piercing corpses into the funeral pyre, etc. Here’s a treatments extracted from the new Karen Thesaurus, in which it’s referred to as “a grand febrifuge”: “Take the umbilical cable slashed away from a different sort of-created man, the latest undigested kernels on dung of a dog, light and you will red onions, ginge and black pepper inside equal amount; combine very carefully and make with the pills how big the end of your own thumb; amount, one after another you need to take inside the warm water.”[26-11]

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