Whenever you are convinced that it, Robin shot him a sharp fatal browse

Whenever you are convinced that it, Robin shot him a sharp fatal browse

Whenever you are convinced that it, Robin shot him a sharp fatal browse

Within the competition up against Oars throughout the comic strip, as crew experimented with the “docking” techniques in which they all blend, similar to an excellent “Mecha Robot”, Sanji knew when the Robin performed the new “docking”, he could perhaps select up the woman skirt. Sanji (like the guy really does which have Nami) will get dazzled by their passion for Robin as such forgets the new threats doing your such as for instance as he saw Robin toward Fish-Man Area and you will diving towards the lady in order to end up being accidentally punched because of the one another Luffy and Jinbe. When Sanji observed Robin’s previous as well as how CP9 “used” their, Sanji called them “sick” and you may Sanji’s suggestions to help you Usopp motivated him to save their from entering the Doors out of Justice by using their sniper feel, ergo at some point saving Robin. Robin also has observed brand new Vinsmokes but don’t imagine Sanji might be associated with her or him. Sanji is even positive about Robin’s overall performance, informing Black Maria never to underestimate their.


After they basic came across on Ocean Train bound having Enies Lobby, Sanji kicked Franky throughout the deal with for just what he did so you can Usopp, ahead of being able far the situation got changed since then. Once Franky satisfies the latest team, Sanji shows admiration to help you Franky getting their shipwright and you will technology enjoy because Franky made your a beneficial kitchen area and you may dining area, even if he will get agitated by Franky’s habit of sobbing excessively immediately following reading sad tales. Sanji ended up being some hypocritical into Franky contacting him pervert to own not using shorts however, Franky took it as a supplement. Instance Zoro, Franky will-call Sanji “curly brow plan” however, he could be claiming it a nickname rather than just like the an insult.

Franky acknowledges that Sanji’s strength are more than his or her own, saying one to Sanji are one of the strongest competitors for the crew. Franky indicates particular hate into the Sanji’s womanizing decisions, namely within Thriller Bark when Sanji showed a lot more question to own Nami’s cover as opposed to Usopp and you will Chopper pursuing the around three initially vanished and soon after at Wano Nation on account of Sanji preparing their soba spaghetti to draw female unlike event samurai as he are to start with meant to create. [36]


Sanji was one of the first members of new staff to help you see Brook. He was shocked observe a strolling and you will speaking skeleton, and you will asked Brook about the guy came to be. Sanji would not appreciate this Brook checked thus usually hopeful, telling the fresh new skeleton you to definitely his lifestyle is depressing, but the bones laughed your out of. Just after Sanji finds out on Brook’s connection with Laboon, Sanji joined other staff for the help Luffy’s choice so you can hire your to the crew. Sanji nonetheless becomes annoyed in the Brook’s teenage personality traits, and additionally his burping and you may farting during eating, and by his lame ‘skull jokes’. The guy also just after endangered to help you attack Brook in the event the latter laughed at resemblance anywhere between Duval and you may Sanji’s basic, hand-taken wished poster. [37]

Although not, Sanji has a lot of similarities toward us-dead singer. Both of them don serves and you may behave like gentlemen and you can fawn more than Nami and you can Robin, causing them to the fresh new “pervert duo” of your Straw Limits. As they do fight over Nami and you may Robin’s affection, the latest get ready together with bones are good household members and you will was each other (together with Kin’emon) very jealous off Momonosuke’s “special attention” from the people. Brook seems to Sanji and you will was a student in admiration in the event that cook struggled Doflamingo and you may was even prepared to support him when Sanji was in problems, however, Sanji rather trusted Brook to take care of Momonosuke, Nami, and you may Helicopter. Brook was most depressed along side outcome of events when you look at the Zou, and you will insisted into signing up for Luffy regarding the Sanji Retrieval Team as the guy felt responsible for Sanji’s grab. Particularly Robin, Brook are conscious of brand new Vinsmokes rather than envision Sanji would be connected to help you such as a notorious family. In addition to the other people, Brook exhibited higher treat one to Sanji rejected Dessert.

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