The guy teaches you he or she is come kicked aside before you go into the so you can find Mia

The guy teaches you he or she is come kicked aside before you go into the so you can find Mia

The guy teaches you he or she is come kicked aside before you go into the so you can find Mia

Sleep and go to college or university the next day to evaluate Mia, next bed once more up until and you will look for Harold the actual front of Mia’s house with his one thing inside a box.

Mia requires you to communicate with her mum very wade upstairs into the room into mix with it to take action it wouldn’t helpe down and you can give Mia and you can she will state Helen merely pays attention towards church. Possible ask when Helen escort in Fresno would go to church and you may Mia would state weekends in the morning thus wait until another week-end therefore you might meet the girl within church.

Immediately following you might be at the chapel select the doorway into the higher balcony then door left with the staircase to acquire into nun’s house. For the right here you might click on the green gowns in order to imagine to-be an effective priest.

After that, wade take a look at from the cops workplace and you may correspond with their acquaintances to attempt to learn more suggestions

Get back down to a portion of the chapel and enter the confessional through the correct-give front and in case your own charisma try high enough you can persuade Helen to evolve the girl ways.

Head back to go back the new robes and you will Sibling Angelica have a tendency to catch both you and demand you let their however, that will take effect a little later.

Part 3

A few days afterwards you need to get other text message out of Mia telling you she can’t find the woman father. Head over to their property in the day to obtain the information.

You are getting the new brilliant tip to check on his desk, thus do so after which find the photo figure observe a photograph out of Harold and you will Helen taken up to on Raven Hill.

Head to Raven Mountain discover Harold upwards here drinking together with his cops car. Simply tell him one Mia and you can Helen is each other worried about your and that he is to give their relationship a spin.

Within a few days after you awaken Debbie will help you realize you have got a visitor and been downstairs. It’s Sister Angelica gathering the lady obligations away from you and you will she wants one find new church that nights.

Take action and go up on the nun’s space the place you had new preacher dress before and you will Sis Angelica often ask you to encourage Helen to get to the fresh church for one from her nighttime traditions.

You’ll need to have enough charm so you can encourage Helen, thus go keep in touch with their regarding the ‘Ritual’ up to she agrees so you’re able to arrived at this new chapel later in the day.

Straight back at the chapel regarding nun’s space, you’ll find the newest Brother and Helen doing the initial piece of routine but you’ll end up being kicked away before it happens far further so head house and you can sleep.

Check out college the second readily available time and you will Mia will find you to definitely ask you to bring the girl Father their old aviator spectacles on cops place of work.

Go indeed there and communicate with Harold and pay the fresh sunnies. He will request you to deliver an email in order to his lover off on the holding muscle.

Go down here and then click on mobile after you tune in to looks and you will probably pick his companion and a beneficial prisoner stressed. Get back and give Harold and persuade him to come assist, next head back with the phone.

A scene will play out where Harold subdues new violent and throws new aviators back on one which just go back home in order to bed.

Check out Mia’s 24 hours later and you’ll hear sounds upcoming out-of Helen’s space. Select they to see Helen masturbating however, she observes your watching.

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